Polaroid SAFETY goggles to protect eyes
polaroid safety glasses to be worn over spectacles


MRP: Rs. 2400 /-

Benefit: Give full coverage to eyes


  • Polaroid safety goggles provides complete protection to eyes from dust, dirt, splash, pollution, flying objects, harmful UV rays. Ideal for both professional and personal use. They Can be used in science laboratory to protect eyes from chemical splash, fumes or any hazardous material. Ideal for industrial use i.e medical, construction sites, welding, chemical factories and or type of manufacturing plants where your eyes gets exposed.
Reliability : Made in Italy
Certificate : EU regulation 2016/425 ( PPE) certified
Life : Reusable upto 10,000 times

mens' full face clear protective face visor
polaroid live the new normal in style
Polaroid unisex protective face visor


  Polaroid safety face shield and safety goggles are Made in Italy, CE-EN 166 certified for high European safety standards. The features and reliability makes these an excellent choice for people looking for professional personal safety equipment both for personal and personal use.

professional medical protective face visor


MRP: Rs. 2400 /-

Benefit: Protects full mouth, eyes and nose


  • Professional PPE safety face visor provides safety to complete face. The ultra clear visibility of clear safety visor is a must-have features for people using it in professional, medical fields. Easy to clean with soap and water, adjustable fit for comfort while wearing it for extended hours.
    Polaroid Safety face visors Provides better complete coverage than typical face shields. Crystal clear visor with clear vision allows work to be done without the dangers of getting any flying objects in your eyes or face.
  • Face distance up to 4cm: You can wear it even with your glasses!
  • Reliability : Made in Italy
    Certificate : EU regulation 2016/425 ( PPE) certified
    Life : Reusable upto 10,000 times

Polaroid Safety Responsibility

We follow utmost safety measures to ensure the products are hygienically produced, packed dispatched and delivered.

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